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2019 Townwide Trash Pick-up
May 10, 2019

The 2019 Townwide Trash Pick-up will be on June 3-7 and June 10-14. Click on the attachment for more information.

ALERT - Temporary Construction Traffic on Hollywood Drive
May 02, 2019

As you are aware, Phase 1 of the Sauquoit Creek Channel & Floodplain Restoration Project at Dunham Manor Park started in early March. The phase involves the construction of two floodplain benches.


In February, we communicated to you that the Town and its project team developed an alternate route for the vast majority of construction traffic. Specifically, a temporary haul road to Commercial Drive was built on vacant property along the westerly side of the Sauquoit Creek to prevent heavy dump trucks from having to use Hollywood Drive on a consistent basis.


Due to an emergency situation and the ongoing wet weather, a small number of empty dump trucks will be exiting the construction site via Hollywood Drive for approximately a two-week period.


Very recently, the Town’s contractor started to experience unanticipated slope stabilization issues at the far end of the construction site (please see the attached photos). To stabilize the excavated slope, stop and prevent further erosion and ensure the safety of the construction site and workers, quick action is required. This action, or solution, involves the installation of crushed stone along the slope.


Because of the wet weather we have experienced, the temporary haul road has become extremely muddy, making it difficult for dump trucks to travel on and, in this case, transport the crushed stone to the construction site. Unfortunately, waiting for a dry stretch of weather is not possible because the slope stabilization issues will only worsen and become more expensive to fix if left unaddressed.


To minimize impacts to Hollywood Drive:


-There will only be 6-10 empty dump trucks exiting via Hollywood Drive per day. This is expected to last approximately two-weeks. A stretch of dry weather will help to minimize the need to use Hollywood Drive.


-Dump trucks will deliver the crushed stone using the temporary haul road from Commercial Drive and then the empty trucks will exit the construction site via Hollywood Drive.


-To avoid school bus and morning/evening commute traffic, dump truck traffic on Hollywood Drive will be coordinated to occur between the hours of 9 a.m.-3 p.m.


-The Town’s contractor will use a street sweeper to keep Hollywood Drive clean.


-Damage to the road is not anticipated from the empty dump trucks. However, the Town and contractor will monitor the condition of Hollywood Drive.


In closing, the Town and its contractor kindly asks for your understanding and patience with regards to this short-term issue and temporary inconvenience.


The Town remains excited about the Sauquoit Creek Channel & Floodplain Restoration Project and, finally, creating much needed flood relief for residents. Importantly, the project is the first real, proactive and long-term attempt to prevent flooding, to the greatest extent possible, rather than a short-term fix.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (315) 736-1131 or


Shaun Kaleta

Town of Whitestown Supervisor



Attention New Homeowners!
September 24, 2018

PLEASE NOTE:  As of March 1st 2015 ANY NEW HOMEOWNER must register for the STAR Exemption by going to or you may call (518)-457-2036