Town Of Whitestown

Buildings and Grounds

Mr. Sal Granato, Supervisor of Building Maintenance
315 736-4531

The Town of Whitestown owns 5 buildings and 5 parks, which need constant maintenance. Our Buildings and Grounds staff not only clean and maintain our buildings and parks, but also are responsible for the on-going maintenance of our Ice Arena.

Throughout the year this dedicated staff of Paul Carlson, Richard Kopec, and Hans Rueger under the supervision of Working Supervisor, Jack Delmonte engage in various construction projects as well. Their combination of expertise in construction, ice maintenance and general repairs have allowed the Town of Whitestown to upkeep its facilities at a minimal cost.

The park system is ever growing and their efforts to make them more functional as well as beautiful can be seen throughout the entire park system.  In past years this department has done various improvements to the Dunham Manor Playground.  A beautiful deck overlooking the Sauquoit Creek, a Restroom Facilty and Storage Area, groomed trails and new playground equipment have all been installed.  With the assistance of our Highway Department our Buildings and Grounds Department have greatly enhanced the playground in this development.  Financial assistance for this project came from a NYS Grant which was received with the assistance of Senator Raymond Meier. 


In the past two years the Highway Department with the assistance of the Buildings and Grounds department has done major improvements to the existing Town Park.  With newly purchased land the Town has been able to add a multi-purpose field that should be ready for use next year.  Additional parking and other improvements have all added to the quality of this park.