Town Of Whitestown

Tax Office

Margaret Hardy, Receiver of Taxes

8539 Clark Mills Road
Whitesboro, NY 13492
315 736-9061
315 736-6393

The Tax Office collects the Town and County taxes for the Town of Whitestown and Village taxes for the Villages of Whitesboro and Yorkville. We also collect the taxes for all of the Whitesboro Central School District and the Oriskany Central School District. Those parcels of New York Mills Union Free School District, Westmoreland Central School District and Clinton Central School District that are within the Town of Whitestown also pay their taxes to the Whitestown Tax Office.

Town and County Tax Collection
The collection period for Town and County taxes begins on January 2 each year and runs until January 31 without penalty.  Late payments during the month of February must pay $2.00 plus 1% of the amount due, in March the penalty changes to $2.00 plus 1 1/2% of the amount due.  After March 31st all payments must be made at the Oneida County Finance Department, 800 Park Ave, Utica.

Village Tax Collection
Your village tax is collected at the Whitestown Tax Office Monday through Friday from 9AM to 4PM for the months of June, July and August. Payments can be made in person, placed in the drop box on front of the building or mailed to 8539 Clark Mills Road, Whitesboro NY. Please make checks payable to Receiver of Taxes.

Late payments will be assessed a 5% penalty during the month of July, 5 1/2% during the month of August and 6% during the month of September. After September 30 all payments must be made at the Department of Finance in the Oneida County Office Building in Utica.

School Tax Collection
School Taxes are due and payable from September 1st  through September 30th without penalty. Taxes paid from October 1st through October 31st, add 5% penalty. Taxes paid after October 31, 2010 must be paid at the Office of the Oneida County Finance Department, County Building in Utica.

PARTIAL PAYMENTS will be accepted on all schools except Westmoreland Central School. To make a partial payment the first payment must be at least 50% of the total tax bill and must be made during the penalty free collection period. The balance includes a 5% penalty and must be paid by October 31st.
We cannot accept Credit Cards, and there is a $20.00 charge for all returned checks.

Taxes may be paid in person at the Town Tax Office or at our drive-thru window, 8539 Clark Mills Road, Whitesboro, during office hours: Monday-Friday 9:00AM 4:00PM.

Special Hours--
Saturday, January 18th and 25th --
9:00 AM Noon


Saturday, September 20th and 27th

9:00 AM - Noon

For your convenience you can put your payment in the drop box on the front of the building or mail payment to Receiver of Taxes, PO Box 96, 8539 Clark Mills Road, Whitesboro NY 13492-0096. To receive a receipt, we will need the whole tax bill. We will stamp your copy and mail it back to you.

To notify the Tax Office of a mailing address change call 736-9061.

Questions regarding Senior, Star or Veterans Exemptions should be directed to Pat Costello, Assessor at 736-6025.

When not collecting taxes the Whitestown Tax Office is still open daily to give out tax information, answer questions and provide copies of paid tax receipts.

  • Collects Town, County, Village and School Taxes.
  • Maintains records of Taxes paid.
  • Provides tax information as requested.
Hours of Operation:

Open Monday - Friday

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM