Town Of Whitestown

Codes Enforcement

Tyler Tormey

8539 Clark Mills Rd
Whitesboro, NY 13492
768-0229 (office)
315 736-9651
The Town of Whitestown Codes Enforcement Officers are responsible for the enforcement of the NYS Uniform Fire and Building Codes and the Town Zoning Codes, as well as the management of the Flood Plain within the Town of Whitestown.

Property Maintenance
is a primary concern of our township. All property owners are required to keep their premises free of all litter, physical hazards, and other unclean, unsafe or unsightly conditions. Brush, grass and weeds must be cut and trimmed. These requirements apply for residential and commercial properties alike.

Zoning ordinances
have been enacted to control the orderly development of the town. To do this, it is necessary to plan for the future use of land, taking into consideration the community values that exist at present. Zoning Ordinances divide the town into residential, commercial and industrial areas. Within these areas uses are permitted which are compatible with the type of zoning established for the parcel in question. Special permits and site plan review procedures enable the town to carefully consider any uses requiring a more comprehensive review due to their nature and/or intensity of use. In addition to regulating what types of uses are permitted the Zoning Ordinance sets forth standards as to where and how a structure may be located on a lot, including such things as minimum lot area, building setback, minimum yard area, percentage of lot coverage and building height. Those uses or structures which do not meet current zoning standards but which lawfully existed prior to such standards being in effect are know as “non-conforming” and are legal under the law.

After issuance of a building permit and development of the land in accordance with the conditions of the permit and the zoning regulations, a certificate of occupancy must be obtained from the Codes Department. This certificate verifies that the building or structure and the proposed use thereof comply with all of the applicable regulations.

To further implement the zoning regulations, procedures exist for the hearing of appeals from decisions made by the Codes Enforcement Officer. These cases are handled by the Zoning Board of Appeals. Requests for special use permits and variances must be made to the ZBA and are subject to public hearings.

of any parcel of land into two or more parcels, lots or sites, for purposes of sale, lease, development or otherwise, requires an application to the Planning Board for subdivision approval prior to such land division. The standards and procedures established by the town ensure the orderly development of the town, guaranteeing that roads and other facilities will be properly planned, constructed and maintained.

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Planning Board
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