Town Of Whitestown

Chief Donald Wolanin

Mark Sojda

315 736-1100
  • Formulates department rules and issues written and verbal orders, as necessary, to insure a well coordinated and efficient police force;
  • Assigns police officers to posts and tours of duty and approves changes, transfers, leaves and maintains discipline;
  • Insures that police officers receive adequate training in police methods and techniques through participating in Municipal Police Training Council instructions, on-the-job training, or locally developed programs;
  • Speaks before groups, issues news releases and maintains good public relations for the municipality relative to law enforcement activities;
  • Analyzes crime and police investigations and statistics and plans special public campaigns for traffic safety and crime prevention;
  • Recommends the purchase of necessary supplies and equipment;
  • Cooperates with other law enforcement departments and agencies in investigations and crime prevention activities;
  • Prepares a variety of records and reports related to law enforcement.