Town Of Whitestown

Robyn Appler

  • Develops community, social and youth recreational programs, and revenue-generating programs for the center, including establishing activity hours and events scheduling;
  • Plans and administers operation of the center to ensure maximum use by the public and lessees using the facility;
  • Oversees collection of money receipts, billing and collection of money for all recreation activities;
  • Establishes and posts a bulletin listing activities and calendar of events;
  • Coordinates with other County and State recreation and youth activities programs in the area;
  • Prepares draft budget for recreation programs and center operations;
  • Orders and maintains recreation supplies and equipment for various program components at the center;
  • Prepares and distributes publicity materials promoting center activities;
  • Establishes good working relationship with citizensí groups, schools and the general public to on-going or new recreation programs;
  • Assigns and supervises subordinate recreation and maintenance personnel;
  • Responsible for advertising and promotional sales;
  • Oversees ice rink maintenance and skating time scheduling.